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How To Get Your Home Ready For Thanksgiving In 1 Hour (It’s Possible!)

Time just seems to fly by as soon as November comes around, and if you're like most people, a busy schedule has left you with a house that isn't quite ready to receive guests for tomorrow's big gobble event --Thanksgiving!

But we got you covered! In just about an hour's time, you can have your home looking tidy and ready for the feast.

How to Tidy Your Home in a Flash

Bathroom. Chances are that you are still boiling, baking, and simmering something in the kitchen, so we suggest you start in the bathroom --the next most important room in the house. Remove most (if not all!) items on the countertop less the handsoap and give it a quick spray and wipe.

Clean the water spots from the mirror and wipe the faucet with the residual glass cleaner to make it shine. Skip the tub to focus on the toilet. Wish there was a shortcut to this one. There's nothing to it but just to do it.

What about the floor? Give a spray in the dingiest spots (especially around the toilet) throw a paper towel on the floor and wipe it around with your foot. Restock the toilet paper, put a fresh hand towel, and toss the trash.

Light a candle for extra freshness right before guests are due to arrive. Done in 15 minutes!

Living Room and Bedrooms. We're hoping that grandma isn't reading this next part: toss any clutter in a closet or a room that will remain closed throughout the gathering, preferably way in the back that there is no chance of anyone accidentally opening it and seeing the horror that lies beyond.

After the floor is cleared, quickly run the vacuum in the remaining open rooms: entryway, dining room, living room, and bedrooms.

No time to clear the clutter on dressers, desks, and other surfaces? Gather them together in small piles and groups to give the illusion of organization!

Make the beds, fluff the pillows and couch cushions, and you'll be done in just about 25 minutes. Now onto the kitchen!

Kitchen. Start by clearing out the countertops and table. Put all the dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher (hint: the stove is a good place to hide dirty dishes in a pinch). Wipe the kitchen countertops and stove. If you are washing dishes by hand, you'll want to do that next. Otherwise, sweep and mop the kitchen floor, and you're done in 20 minutes.

Have a few more minutes to spare? Here are some more bonus tips to get your home Thanksgiving ready in a flash:

  • Turn off overhead lights and use lamps and candles instead. This hides any areas that weren't deep-cleaned, plus it makes everyone feel cozy.

  • Turn on the ambiance music and have the drinks set out ready to greet guests!

Sure, you may feel like you put little thought into prepping your home for Thanksgiving, but it won't look like it! By combining a comfortably clean home with delicious food and warm company, you've given the best any homeowner can give!

We hope you found these home-keeping tips helpful and we wish you a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving!

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